April Mason Inc. is an information-based company. They publish books on a range of topics, conduct seminars, consult with aspiring Entrepreneurs and to top it off, they are vocal youth advocates fighting to combat child hood molestation + heal its victims.


The client had a strong Facebook following. Yet, people were not engaging with any of its five {5} brands on their respective websites. We were excited to do some digital quarterbacking + implement digital strategies to “move people” to the client’s new digital space + facilitate brand interaction.


Our work —

  • Construct an encompassing + overarching brand for the corporate digital presence.
  • Condense five {5} branded websites, all with varied aesthetics, into one cohesive website.
  • Catalyze engagement on the client’s website!
  • Organize + style the content in such a way that visitors are not overwhelmed by the extensive text.
  • Integrate the client’s social media profiles including: iTunes, Blog Talk Radio, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Build various custom web applications.