The Feature Film tells the dramatic story of four unfulfilled singles’ journey towards finding love, while trying to find themselves along the way. Eric, Alexis, Cullen and Janae are all single and unsatisfied living their monochromatic lives. The contentious, first time meeting between on-line chat buddies, Eric and Alexis, brings about a torrent of emotions as they and their friends all meet up for a night on the town. After which, they begin to experience love lessons that force them to search their own hearts and lost passions for the love that has long eluded them.


A truly incredible film. Outstanding production. Marvelously talented thespians. Dope  DP [@DuiJarrod] + ADP [@ReelMeaning]! A solid + innovative + detailed business plan(constructed by the DP) = Creativity Ainta Side Hustle honored to assist! Our work for this project was extensive + pure joy! Dui Jarrod approached us and asked us to develop a digital brand presence for his film. We pushed him to adjust, ever so slightly, the film’s brand image. Our minor adjustments, in concert with an incredible project + an already developed business plan had a huge pay off!


  • Genre: Romantic Dramedy
  • Studio: Cloud Nine Productions


The Project Reel. {the completed work}


Our Work — **

  • Re-imagine the brand aesthetic to quicken the sync between the film and its targeted audience demographic.
  • Connect the new brand aesthetic with with the film’s existing + future aficionados.
  • Create original artwork that communicates popular themes yet, allows Lesson Before Love to stand out.
  • Develop interesting marketing collateral for the film: Poster + Small Flyer + Sponsorship Brochure.
  • Implement a media-based web design accessible via all mobile devices without slow load times.
  • Implement a stylish + high impact + minimal design that places the film at center stage.
  • Connect social media engagement applications to the website.
  • Ongoing web maintenance.
  • Align the film’s new brand presence across new media platforms to ensure consistent brand messaging.
  • Branded social media profiles: Twitter + YouTube
 **We experienced a unique challenge + incredible creative opportunity: adjust the brand aesthetic after the Director was married to previous brand artwork.