League Of Starz is one of the hardest working Production Teams on the West Coast. We’ve heard the tags in some of today’s most popular songs but, “Where were they?” As is, what tends to be the case with our Clients — there is an incredible and massive body of work but it isn’t aggregated in an equally  incredible way on the internet for the world to view + experience. Enter: Creativity Ainta Side Hustle. Our “mouth continually fell open” as we began to sift through all of their content — totally amazing! In one-year these Supa Producers + their CEO have compiled a beyond impressive body of work. Now, we were challenged with an incredible opportunity to Produce a Digital Stage worthy of their work.


Visit: www.LeagueOfStarz.com


Our Work —

  • Tavon “Pun” Alexander, League Of Starz CEO handed us creative control {we luv that}!
  • Content Development: We know that people don’t read anymore. We know people want to connect with each other in an authentic way. We decided to bring in video and develop a company + producer trailer. People can experience their work + hear the music + connect with Pun + hear the League Of Starz {LOS} “Start Up Story” + meet the Supa 8 Producers!
  • Information Architecture: Because of their long-term goals it was crucial that we give the League Of Starz a corporate + hip web presence. We decided to highlight their corporate clients + major record labels on the home page to evoke a sense of experience + credibility. Their Creativity Ainta Side Hustle — it is serious business and the website needed to communicate this fact. We also decided not to simply list their “discography” – instead we developed a Beat Gallery. Immediately, one can see all their work via the EP Cover Art + you can click an image and watch the video in a digital/theatre and without leaving the website << intelligent + stylish design.
  • Construct a digital + interactive portfolio for each of the Supa 8 Producers that included a visual representation of their individual production credits + professionally produced video clip spotlight + link to their social media platform of choice {Twitter} + their individual “Start Up Story” — we wanted each Producer to shine!
  • We adjusted their brand aesthetic via an updated colour palette + killing {seriously} their logo — their original logo had too much of a hip hop vibe, nor was it as sophisticated + polished as the company. We began with selecting two typography elements; one for corporate communications and one to replace their logo, while it is in development.
  • To continue to bury their previous logo, we commissioned a fine Artist to develop an incredible image, that would replace their logo — officially + become the “center piece” of their website {we can Quarterback incredible projects when we get incredible budgets to commission elements like video production + fine art elements}.
  • Social Media Set Up + Integration: Within a couple of days we set up their Facebook Company Page and aggregated all their content to FB. They no longer have to post content on various social media platforms. They post on their blog and it automatically feeds to Facebook + Tumblr + Twitter.  Within a few days, their FB Page looked as if they had been posting for years! We also moved their previous Tumblr blog into their new website. LeagueOfStarz.com is not just their *Official* website; it is a Hub where people can catch up on + connect + interact with LOS. Their website also hosts their new blog and with the push of one button, feeds into all their social media platforms.
  • Set Up Digital Corporate Presence: It’s amazing how much info is actually public. We set up their WHOIS file so that it is private and lists their corporate info. We also set up their corporate email addresses. No more biz4theleague@gmail.com >> now biz4@leagueofstarz.com. Their entire team now has a ___@leagueofstarz.com email address.
  • A Few Cool Features: Custom Application that allows fans to download free music + increase their Twitter following; custom MP3 Player that shuffles through League Of Starz music as you peruse the site; Email integration — sign up for their email list and it automatically feeds into their database.