The Salt is our Studio Blog. As a Studio we imagine a world where all people have “tapped into” and operate in their gifts! We decided to do something we hope will help people begin/continue to activate their gift(s). If someone else did it or is doing it — so can you! We also capture + share stellar finds from our creative excursions.


We began interviewing some truly gifted people who “tapped in” + operate in their gifts. WARNING: The interviews are raw, un-edited video chats. Typically, we are focused on polished presentations. On #TheSalt, the people and their message are paramount.


We do it all to share a bit of flavor that may inspire + give some talented people some due shine. Enjoy —


p.s. Every now and again when we come across dope discoveries + participate in incredible creative experiences – we hope you won’t mind if we share. We’ll tag it #ReaLArt, just so you know the difference.


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