After two years managing the in-house PR and marketing department for an e-commerce jewelry company and fresh out of grad school with a killer Master’s thesis about fashion PR eagerly awaiting a lifetime of dust-on-shelf gathering, Crosby Noricks started PR Couture. She was tired of the stereotype that fashion publicists are more concerned with air-kisses than credibility (boo!) and frustrated that a google search on Fashion PR brought back pretty much zilch (this was back in 2006 you see). So I threw together the basics in a weekend, determined to provide a credible, honest, and engaging forum about fashion public relations online. Ta-Da! [taken from]



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#TheSalt by Creativity Ainta Side Hustle is our studio’s blog. We imagine a world where all people are operating in their gifts and doing “that thing” or “those things” that each of us was put here to do! Our goal is to add a little flavour by giving some dope Creatives + Artists their due shine with the hope their stories will inspire you to continue or begin activating your gift. They did it and so can you.

[one caveat: This is a new project. The videos are raw + uncut and well, sometimes you just “go for it” and get better as you do it — please bare with us.]