Demar Douglass tells entrepreneurs there is no excuse to not do what you were put here to do.




At the age of three Demar Douglas comitted to becoming a professional Artist as a career path. Fast forward thirty years, Douglas refused to set aside his God-given gift, developed a “business road map” and began his journey. Today, Douglas is incredibly successful and supports his two children as a Professional Artist. “Being a father, an artist and at one point working a 9 to 5 was a serous balancing act. It was definitely a challenge. During that time period, my biggest sacrifice was sleep. But, I refused to set my art aside. I know that anything is possible!” Demar Douglas, “The Painter of Dreams” is the Founder of Blaqwata Studio. Demar paints, Stylized Surrealism within an abstract composition finding the beautiful struggle though life’s opposition. Demar creates from his heart. His art represents the essence of his life experience. All of Demar’s images appear to him in dreams and he interprets them with the stroke of a brush. Demar paints stylized surrealism within an abstract composition finding the beautiful struggle though life’s opposition.

“I think our entire staff was inspired after Demar’s interview. We were struck by his very early comitment to his art. He knew why he was put on Earth. His comitment continues and his success makes it clear that truly, if you develop a clear plan, seek out assitance and resources from other successful people in your profession and move forward without waivering even when challenges present themselves, you can make your dreams real,” says Krishna Darlene, Creativity Ainta Side Hustle’s Creative Director and Interviewer on #TheSalt. Douglas implores viewers to remember, “No matter what you want to be, don’t ever ever ever give up. We walk by faith and not by sight. There is no excuse not to do what you want to do or at least strive for it!”

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