We were honored to interview Asya Shein, the Founder of Fusicoloy. Fusicology.com [http://www.fusicology.com] is the hub for progressive events, music + culture.

FUSICOLOGY: Defining the Soul Diaspora Since 2003
The Hub for Progressive Events, Music & Culture

Fusicology.com is a wiki for global events and nightlife. Fusicology also serves as a multi-faceted marketing entity for influencers that live and breathe music, fashion, style and subculture. Fusicology specializes in providing relevant information across multiple platforms.

Fusicology has proven to be and effective at targeting early adopters and trend setting multi cultural urbanites on a national scope. Since 2003 Fusicology has helped support and sustain quality events, artists and Lifestyle brands.



Connect with Asya Shein + Fusicology:
Visit Fusicology :: http://fusicology.com/
On Facebook :: https://www.facebook.com/fusicology
On Twitter :: https://twitter.com/azboogie @Azboogie
On YouTube :: http://www.youtube.com/fusicology
Asya Shein on LinkedIn :: http://www.linkedin.com/in/fusicology


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We imagine a world where all people are operating in their gifts and doing “that thing” or “those things” that each of us was put here to do! Our goal is to add a little flavour by giving some dope Creatives + Artists their due shine with the hope their stories will inspire you to continue or begin activating your gift. They did it and so can you.


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