Tavon “Pun” Alexander is the CEO of The League Of Starz; they are actually amongst our adored Clients. When we began our work together, we continued to be awe-struck by their masssive, okay — very massive body of work.  It seems we kept saying, “That song too. . .” When we turn on the radio, we continue to hear their music. The League Of Starz is truly, “The West Coast’s hardest working production team.” From the CEO, to the Producers to their lovely Assistant “La La” — they are among the kindest, most talented and humble folks you will meet.

Pun is most def a “behind the scenes guy” — I had to really push (as I often do) to get him to get in front of the camera so that we could produce a trailer for the digital brand development work our company’s did together. He would much rather give his talented producers “the shine” — which we also did. But, I also luv to highlight the business + brilliant mind behind incredible brands so. . . I’d like to introduce you to my Buddy, Tavon “Pun” Alexander!

(Technically, his interview was truly the first Episode of #TheSalt — I asked my standard questions but this time I get to be “behind the scenes” — I hope the video/our interview inspires.)


Website: www.LeagueOfStarz.com

On Facebook: www.Facebook.com/LeagueOfStarzProductions

Email: contact@LeagueOfStarz.com

Tel: 888.491.3719


The West Coast’s Hardest Working Production Team

What started as a living room small talk among Tavon “Pun” Alexander and some friends turned into the new West Coast Production Power House, now known to the world as the League Of Starz. Rooted in Los Angeles, the team of producers formed in 2010 and quickly made their imprint on the music industry after producing E-40′s smash club single, “My Shit Bang” from the Revenue Retrievin: Overtime Shift & Graveyard Shift Album. The Start Up was simply the “warm up”. 

The Beats go on. . . Recently, the League Of Starz produced several tracks from Wiz Khalifa’s Mix Tape, “Cabin Fever 2.” The League of Starz produced Tyga’s smash hit “Faded” off his debut album, Carless World. Together these Super Producers are responsible for producing more than 30 hits with major artists: E-40 • • Snoop Dogg • • Tyga • • Ab-Soul • • Chris Brown • • French Montana • • Ray J • • Waka Flocka • • Young Jeezy +  Currently, the League Of Starz are in the lab with Snoop Dogg producing his next album. Now, the League Of Starz is ready to play.

#TheSalt by Creativity Ainta Side Hustle is our studio’s blog. The Salt is taken from the Biblical reference to “the light of the world” — We believe Artists and Creatives are #TheSalt, more valuable than gold and the world is counting on them/us to add flavour.