When we were in search of an amazingly creative yet profitable rebranding opportunity, I connected with several agencies via referral that submitted their mock ups. They were pretty good and for the cost, they seemed like bargains as well. I thought that I had seen the best that was available to us. I caught wind of Creativity Ainta Side Hustle through a great client of mine and when I received the samples I was blown away!! She wasn’t simply rebranding and creating a new website design. She had reinvented then redefined my client! And not only to her existing demographic, but she was able to create new demand and expand the demographic to a global audience. One year later and the impressions, notoriety and profits continue to increase. The C.A.S.H. team is unparalleled in their ability to push beyond wow. They redefine what it means to be creative and will deliver a world class product, the likes of which the world has been wanting.

Sheldon F. Joseph
Manager for Entertainers & Personalities

*her current website is not a #CASH website, but you can view the video above to check out our original work