At CompTherapeutics, Inc, we worked with Creativityaintasidehustle (Creativity) to develop our online storefront. We are a health-related software company and needed an attractive, inviting, yet sensitive virtual presence so that potential customers or those simply browsing would be comfortable navigating around our store. C.A.S.H., after several conversations developed an appreciation of our mission and potential customers such that they were able to make solid contributions to the presence we sought to achieve. The artwork, the messages, the expert use of video and still images fully reflected our imagination-made-real. They were responsive to desired changes, and took the time to educate us regarding elements of the tech and website world in which we are not expert by any means. Further they were able to help us link with another critical site so that our customers could seamlessly move to using our core product(s). We have been duly impressed and will make full use of Creativity Ainta Side Hustle for future work. We hope for a long and productive professional association.

C. Richard Spates, Ph.D.
President, CompTherapeutics, Inc