Forever an aficionado of the arts and culture and a techie, truly only out of necessity [we grew increasingly frustrated by lazy web developers who over charged and treated our updates like bottom-dweller-tasks because we weren’t the whale-acount at their agency, we began to ‘up our digital savvy’ just to begin managing our web presence in-house] we realized not only fashion artists but artists and creatives in general, might be interested in working with a passionate, kick-ass tech agency to help them develop stellar web presences to place their brand/body of work on a digital stage and hopefully catapult them to “the next level’ so they can get their “due shine” and paid, nicely! And, just like that — Creativity Ainta Side Hustle was born.

The sole reason Creativity Ainta Side Hustle exists is to get stellar Creative Entrepreneurs the “due shine” and cash they deserve. Get it? Cash, Creativity Ainta Side Hustle [translation: your creativity is not just a hobby it is a vehicle to allow you to live an authentic life and get paid doing the work you love]. To do this, we leverage the power of technology to strategically position creative brands on the internet, often for the first time in such a way that will allow their followers to support their body of work/business with time, attention and $$. Yes, we build websites. However, we like to think of them as digital stages.

In approximately 18 months, we have been blessed to complete over 32 projects for some of the most cutting edge and kick-ass Creative Brands throughout the country. We are honored to serve. We will continue to “go hard in the paint” to get as many incredible Creative Entrepreneurs online and positioned correctly to get their “due shine” and well, quite simply. . . Cash. We take pride in assists —