This is our most ambitious project to date. is one hub to connect an entire area code that, geographically, is incredibly spread out. It is one hub, one awesome website (this was our one directive — to build one hub, one awesome website — we said okay lol) to link the entire 661 area code. The founders love life in #the661 and want everyone to know about all of the places to grub, shop, explore and stay within communities located in #the661; their “shtick” (lol) seems to be … “you don’t have to leave #the661 to have a great time” they are expanding the notion of local. Their team is fantastic. We had so much fun working on this project. Unfortunately, we do not have permission to share screen shots just yet, but the site launches October 2015. 

“Wow! All seven members of our team had the same comment when we debuted the project during our team meeting. We gave CASH one directive: to build a beautiful, easy to navigate website that links together a huge geographical area so that people have one easy way to see how awesome life is in #the661. CASH killed it! We begged (literally) for them to continue their work with us to keep the website functioning and to take on our company’s digital strategy and we are  honored they said yes! We look forward to an ongoing relationship. Thank you CASH!”
#the661 Zealots