The thing about growing your business are the small gems you find along the way.  I had been looking for month to find a executive that could take our brand to the next level.  Who know it would be found in branding company?!?  CASH provided the true foundation we needed to get to the next level.  Once you are branded properly, audience see your product in the light it deserves.  That light is still continuing to shine for us and CASH is to thank!

Few words could really say what Krishna and the entire C.A.S.H. Team meant to me and my film. However, I will say that they took my brand, branding image and film awareness to levels I couldn’t even see for myself.

The connection that people have to my film starts with the branded materials that accompany the project.  And as much as I’d hate to admit it, most come because of how the branding made them feel, and that makes me feel like C.A.S.H. is the best creative team on the planet.  Their work could stand next to any studio in the business.”

“Prior to C.A.S.H. coming aboard, we didn’t have a dedicated site and our social media outlets where running marginal numbers at best.  After their creative team got behind the project, they re-imagined our approach, imaging and social engagements.

We went through a seamless website design and social media campaign that married the two components, after which we increased our web track by almost 650% and social media impressions went from 115 a week to almost 4,600!

And it was done IN STYLE!!!”

Dui Jarrod, Director
Feature Film: Lesson Before Love