This is where it began —

Darla’s Closet Boutique launched in 2002 and kept women on-trend for seven years. Darla’s Closet was the longest lasting boutique in the North Los Angeles suburb of Lancaster. Most boutiques often close within the first three years. Shopping in the boutique was an experience, intricately designed to make each woman who entered the boutique doors feel special and uniquely beautiful. We succeeded. During the sixth year, we took a major risk and re-shaped the way boutiques typically worked with Indie fashion designers; we tossed the typical consignment model and built a special program that made sense and was a win-win for the boutique and the designers. Half of the boutique was the general faire and the other half of our inventory consisted of, cutting-edge talent from across the country.

In about 2009 the fashion industry was turned on its head by a new fashion business model that offered women “fast fashion” and cheap pricing! The change was led by power brands Forever 21, H&M and Zara. Almost simultaneously, and perhaps a bit of a political response to the fashion industry change, the boutique founder discovered a newfound love and passion, working with Artists to position their brands to generate revenue. ┬áIndie fashion designers that participated in the boutique experienced unheard of returns. We quickly discovered, while there were many incredibly talented fashion designers, they often had a limited desire to take on the branding, positioning and marketing of their labels or they simply lacked the know-how, then the “Aha Moment!”

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